Sea Freight Worldwide

What is Sea Freight?

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a mode of transportation via sea that deliveries bulky goods such as containers that are loaded into cargo ships. This method of transportation is ideal for international sea freight shipping. According to sea freight is cheaper than air freight.

5+ Benefits of Using Sea Cargo Shipping

  • Sea cargo shipping is cheaper than air freight. Hence why it is thoroughly used for heavy containers and pallets shipping worldwide.
  • In addition, duty and other taxes are cheaper by are less expensive in the UK because of the quantity bought on average making it more cost effective.
  • Sea cargo shipping uses less carbon footprint hence making it more environmentally friendly to use.
  • FCL and LCL are used for shipping across the world. Ideal method of shipping for heavy goods such as cars, furniture and other bulky items.
  • Smile Cargo offers to send goods over 200 countries using sea freight UK. Contact us to find out the cost and the benefits of using sea freight. Not only do we ship goods using sea freight international. But we also import from other countries as well.

Why is Ocean Freight Cheaper?

Sea Cargo to Pakistan

Ocean freight worldwide is cost effective method of transporting because its more time consuming and because you as a company are sending in bulk.

To make ocean freight more cost effective can be done by booking LCL – Less Container Load. LCL allows to share ocean freight with others hence making it more cost effective.

While FCL – Full Container Load – can be ideal for sending bulky goods. The container ranges from 20ft to 40ft for both FCL and LCL. In addition, LCL is ideal for sending furniture, cars and container load of shipment.

Not only that using sea cargo also reduces the duty for commodities, electronics and any other automobile parts such as engine. In addition flammable and lithium batteries are more likely too be allowed compared to air freight where it is banned completely or extremely pricey.


Due to Covid 19, we were only doing sea cargo to Pakistan and sea cargo to Nigeria from UK. But now we started to increase our service once again to over 200 nations.

There may be UK Import Tax based on the formula below.

UK Import Tax: cost of goods (%) + cost of shipping.

In addition, there may be UK VAT which is calculated at 20%. However this can be claimed as an expense.

Sea freight can takes anywhere between 1-2 months. This is because of the regulation in a particular country and intense customs checks can cause delay. However, it entirely depends on the country chosen to ship in/from.

One way of making this process less time consuming/cost effective is by collecting from the port it self.