About Us

About Smile Cargo

Who Are We

Here at Smile Cargo, we deliver your cargo parcels with the highest care and at great prices. Not only that we also deliver your parcel on time with being cost effective.

Our Mission

We target to be the best cargo operator in the UK by dealing with all your cargo, luggage, gifts and electronics. Smile cargo cares about your time and your parcels, which should be dealt with care.

What We Do

Smile Cargo specialises at providing cargo service to individuals and businesses, who would like to supply goods from UK to Pakistan, India, USA, Canada and many more countries.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Smile Cargo, we pride ourselves at out fast and memorable service. We understand the importance of the goods you are sending. Therefore we pride ourselves to be the quickest in the market.

Our 24/7 contact support makes us, in our customers eyes as number one shipping company to Pakistan & India. Whether it is air cargo, airport to airport or sea cargo, we can always help with any questions.

Our agents are spread all Pakistan and India making your services more efficient. We pride and take great care of the goods you have sent over to your loved ones.

We guarantee to be the most cost effective we can be in the market. While everyone charge hidden cost. We will never disguise in our price, always be upfront about our prices.

We believe our customers deserve the best offers in the market. By promoting our service with word of mouth recommendations, we would like to reward our loyal customers with rewards. As a results there are endless offers available for our customers.

Smile Cargo aims to link all the world together and bring the world closer. This means we distribute to many countries around the world including: USA, Canada, Australia, China and many more countries.