Sea Cargo To Pakistan - Get Your Parcel From 2 Months

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Send Sea Cargo To Pakistan & Azad Kashmir For Only 89p Per Kilo

What is Sea Cargo?

Sea cargo to Pakistan is essential to deliver goods at affordable price. The route goes via sea through a ship it can carry many tons of shipment at a time, at a very affordable price. Furthermore many individual and business export using cheap sea cargo the UK to Pakistan.

Smile Cargo use advance technology and smart data analysis to reduce transit time for international delivery as much as possible. It takes around 30-45 working days to arrive in Pakistan. Sea cargo to Pakistan is specially used in the case of sending heavy containers and heavy duty items. However, all other international cargo delivery can be sent through and all shapes and sizes. International shipping to Pakistan is ideal for customers who are looking to send in bulk quantity. Custom clearance is provided for international shipping to Pakistan. Hence no custom duty and additional charges will be needed to be paid. Smile Cargo will only charge £20.00 for collection all over the UK.

How Does The Process For Sea Cargo To Pakistan Work?

How Sea Cargo To Pakistan Works?

To send sea cargo to Pakistan, the process is very simple.

Firstly, you will require to contact us and ask us when the next delivery is. Then one of our helpful staff member will either collect or receive your parcel, depending on you.

Secondly, we then wrap your bag or box for extra protection and then the cargo parcel gets dropped to the dock, where it will be safely deposited in the ship.

Thirdly after your item arrives in Pakistan, a dedicated agent will give you call informing you 24 hours prior to delivery.

That’s the simple process for sea cargo to Pakistan.

We also send cargo by air freight to Pakistan and other international shipping.

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Why Use Smile Cargo?

Best rates: Smile Cargo offers the best rates in the market to send sea freight to Pakistan and air cargo to Pakistan. Our team is scattered around Pakistan from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Mirpur and many other areas in Pakistan. We guarantee to be competitive in price and provide the best service for it.

Door to door service: Not only do we send sea cargo to Pakistan from London. But we also send sea cargo to Pakistan from Birmingham, London, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Stoke  and many more other locations in the UK we collect from. Please contact us for more information and to book a collection.  

Packaging provided: We provide strong packaging for our sea cargo to Pakistan. We understand how much faith you have put on to us by sending us your parcel. Therefore we will assure you that your parcel will be safe in our hands. Whether it is electronics you are sending or a bag we take full accountability for your parcel.

24/7 Customer service: Smile Cargo promises to answer all your questions. Any questions regarding your item, we handle it. In addition to this we will also inform you throughout the delivery process. Where your item is and our agent will inform you 24 hours prior to delivery.

No delays: We have a team of devoted and hardworking agents who will ensure to deliver your parcel to on time without any delays. Additionally, our rates and our service will always be the best in the market. So send sea cargo to Pakistan with Smile Cargo

Free insurance: Smile Cargo offers all its customers £50.00 free insurance for all individual parcels sent to Pakistan. Insuring all the parcel get delivered safely and for all our customers safely.

Sea Cargo to Pakistan

Ways of Sending Cargo to Pakistan For Business Use

Why Should I Trade In Pakistan?

Pakistan is considered as an up and coming nation with the majority being very young population of 220 million people. So for business it is a vital time to invest in the second largest economy in South Asia.

A summary conducted by the ONS Pink Book 2018 stated the total trade in goods and services between the UK and Pakistan was £2.9 billion in 2017, which was a 7% increase to the previous year. Moreover in 2017 UK exports to Pakistan also increased by 10% from 2016 to £1.1 billion. In return Pakistan exports to the UK were £1.8 billion an increase by 5.1% from previous year.

Majority of this trade happens through sea cargo to Pakistan because most of them are heavy duty items and dangerous to be delivered by air. What Smile Cargo offers through sea cargo to Pakistan is we have a network of agents in Pakistan, who are established in each major city in Pakistan & Azad Kashmir.

How Does Sea Cargo For Businesses Work?

Sea cargo to Pakistan is delivered through two methods:


FCL stands for full container load and through the use of FCL you are able to book the whole container. This container will completely belong to you and you pay for the fee for the whole container. We will guarantee and deliver all  your item to the final destination, taking the shortest time and also will be ensuring that the items that are being shipped and fully protected.


LCL stands for less than container load and this means you get part of the container, while the other part will be shared with others. This method of sending goods can be extremely helpful and cost effective when the quantity you are sending is not large. Instead you will book a section of the container. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Container to Pakistan?

The benefit of using Smile Cargo for sea freight or air freight to Pakistan is there is no limit in quantity. There is no upper limit. Therefore whether moving a house or shipping a container to Pakistan there is no restrictions in sending bulk containers to Pakistan from UK. Send LCL (Less Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load) containers to Pakistan from UK via air freight. Receive the goods in your local international airport or delivered through the door. Shipping to Pakistan is ideal for customers who are looking to send in bulk quantity. Custom clearance is provided hence no custom duty will be needed to be paid.

Right now is a perfect opportunity to invest in Pakistan and exports goods to Pakistan post COVID 19. Use Smile Cargo to send bulk quantity shipments to Pakistan from UK. Its the ideal method of sending goods to Pakistan in bulk with clearance can also provided in the airport for most services if needed. We send over 15,000kg worth of goods throughout the year and ensure it is hassle free. This service is also ideal for sending furniture to Pakistan. For cheap shipping to Pakistan contact us or book now online using Paypal.

Smile Cargo has agents in Pakistan who can ensure safe and traceable delivery. Consistent updates are provided on the track pages.

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FAQ's Related To Sea Cargo To Pakistan

Sea cargo to Pakistan from the UK can take approximately 30-45 working days. Since the Covid 19 pandemic has happened delivery has been more thoroughly processed so it is safe for the receiver of your cargo.

A minimum of 20kg is compulsory for sea cargo and there is no weight limit through sea cargo.

We have to different rates based on if the container is FCL or LCL:

  1. 20 Feet container cost: £1,599.99
  2. 40 Feet container cost: £1,799.99
  1. 1 Cubic metre: £189.99
  2. 5 Cubic metre: £349.99
  3. 10 Cubic metre: £549.99

This cost does not include any delivery charges.

Smile Cargo promises to every customer to never charge extra for a parcel. All costs and charges are inclusive in the price.

Since Covid 19, we would like to use all the precaution and ensure safety for all our customers and there items. In Pakistan we are able to take full steps to ensure all our services provided are safe and efficient at the same time. But our air cargo and airport to airport service is open to majority of countries.