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Send parcel to Sri Lanka for only £5.99 per kilo. Receive the parcel within 7-10 working days. Express delivery to Sri Lanka also available. Door to door air cargo service.
Special offer for air cargo to Sri Lanka for only £5.99 per kilo for fast and secure shipping from UK to Sri Lanka. Collection and packaging also provided. Book now for 20% off all door to door cargo service to Sri Lanka.

7+ Advantages For Sending Cargo To Sri Lanka From UK

Smile Cargo promises to send cheap parcel to Sri Lanka from UK. Smile Cargo also offers to be the quickest method to send air cargo to Sri Lanka. What separates us from the rest is the ability to send parcels anywhere in the world. Smile Cargo has dedicated agents across Sri Lanka. Who will ensure all our cargo, parcels, electronics or any other goods are delivered safely and on time. We us local courier services that will make sure your parcel is fully tracked and air cargo delivery is also available for other countries. So receive the parcel in between 7-10 working days. In addition there are no extra charges involved. Furthermore no customs duty will ever be needed to pay.

The following reasons below will describe why choosing us is a better options than anyone else for cheap courier service to Sri Lanka:

  • Secure shipping service with tracking facility for air cargo to Sri Lanka from UK.
  • Send cheap parcel to Sri Lanka from UK at very low costs.
  • Cheap postage to Sri Lanka and airport to airport service.
  • Flights twice times every single week.
  • 24/7 Customer service team helping you with all your queries.
  • Door to door delivery for all parcel to Sri Lanka from UK.
  • A specialist team working to deliver your cargo to Sri Lanka on time with agents in every state informing us consistently with the progress.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Delivering all over Sri Lanka.
  • Insurance protected up to £20.
  • We pay all duty and custom duty for cargo to Sri Lanka. It is included in our price so no hidden charges.send
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Send Parcel To Sri Lanka From UK

What is the process of sending postage to Sri Lanka?

The process of air cargo to Sri Lanka from UK is very simple. The parcel to Sri Lanka can be dropped off at our agent’s office across the UK for cheapest way to send postage to Sri Lanka from UK. Send your cargo to Sri Lanka by booking online with free collection provided for over 20kg via air cargo to Sri Lanka from UK.

After your parcel is collected for cargo in Sri Lanka, it will be dropped off to the airport and customs check gets completed within few days, in the airport. Additionally, customs pay extra focus on checking for any heavy duty items and anything that is banned into the country. This process isn’t time consuming and any extra costs is not consumed by our fantastic customers. Unless the product is banned or not allowed.

Smile Cargo guarantees to provide your parcel safely all over Sri Lanka quicker, cheaper and secure. Air cargo to Sri Lanka through us is much faster than other cargo company with cheap cargo shipping to Sri Lanka. The delivery times is 7-10 working days in normal circumstances. Send gifts, parcels, electronics, washing machine or anything other items to Sri Lanka. We promise to be the cheapest online and the cheapest cargo service providers in the UK.

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What is the process of sending parcel to Sri Lanka?

Air cargo to India is very similar to any other country. Our service operates through all over India and we use local courier service. Resulting in quick, reliable and secure service. While delivering your parcel, gift, electronics or any other items back home quickly.

Three air services available to India. Next day delivery takes one day to be delivered. Economy service which takes 5-7 working days to be delivered. Airport to airport which takes between 1-3 working days.

An form of identification will be needed to be provided for safety in India. The identification of the receiver will be required. This is a government policy and it is only done for safety purposes.

How much does it cost to ship to Sri Lanka?

We charge £5.99 per kg by air to Sri Lanka. This will only take 7-10 working days. However because of Covid 19, we are currently only doing economy service to India.

The other services here at Smile cargo is airport to airport. Drop the item at the airport and collect it from the airport for £3.99 per kg. This will take between 1-3 working days. However it only applies for over 100kg as a minimum. This price doesn’t include any clearance.

We will be starting sea cargo to India soon, therefore stay updated.

Next day service also available.

What items are not allowed to be sent to Sri Lanka?

Anything that is flammable and can be deemed as dangerous would be not allowed. Also some items may face duty in Sri Lanka. Especially if there is heavy import duty in Sri Lanka. Please click the link for a list of items banned in Sri Lanka.