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Postage In USA - The Opportunities USA Brings

The United States of America has enormous potential. The USA is often being called as “The Land of Opportunity” because of its advanced infrastructure in the country. USA is the worlds largest economy and the 3rd most populated country, in the world. Therefore with tremendous opportunities. USA is considered the most advanced country in the world. To expand portfolio of a business, USA is the is stated to be one of the best countries to do business with. In addition, its neighbouring countries Canada and Mexico are also one of the most developed countries in the world. Also setting up a business in USA has its perks.

Postage To USA Costs

Smile Cargo promises to be the cost effective and at the same time the most efficient. Send postage to USA to a loved one or supplying goods for business use to customers in America. Smile Cargo promises to offer the best deals for postage in USA from UK. Therefore you won’t need to waste your time and look around. We offer variety of services that suits your budget. Depending if the parcel to USA needs to be delivered urgently – we have a next day service and a weekly service. After selecting a service, the postage in USA will arrive in one piece. A dedicated driver will come and collect the parcel. We also send heavy boxes to USA and documents. For all parcel delivery select Smile Cargo for all postage to USA.

Therefore only send parcel to USA with Smile Cargo. To make deliveries across to the US easier, cheaper and less stressful for postage in USA.

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7+ Advantages of Smile Cargo to of sending parcel to USA from UK with Smile Cargo?

  • Door to door service: For all postage to USA from UK door to door service provided. As a result no need to go to your local post office to and cheap postage to USA with the easiest way.
  • Swift delivery: The postage to USA can be delivered next day through our next day delivery service. Book courier online for cheap postage to USA. Mention in the comment section when you would ideally like to receive the postage in USA.
  • Guaranteed to be cheapest in prices: It is our promise to all our customers, to beat any other competitor in prices and in our quality service. Therefore Smile Cargo offers cheap shipping to USA from UK.
  • Tremendous range: Here at Smile Cargo we send shipping to USA from UK in all the 50 states. Special prices available for postage to USA. We send postage to USA in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Houston and many more cities in USA.
  • For online sellers: A collaboration between online sellers who sell on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, any other businesses and other business platforms. Smile Cargo vows to bring USA closer. Send postage to USA at cheap and competitive prices.
  • Fully protected service: Track your postage to USA whereabouts with tracking information provided. Check any updates with your parcel and see what time it will be delivered for all parcel to USA from UK.
  • Free insurance: Send postage to USA and get free £20.00 from us!

What types of parcel can I send to the USA?

Send letters and other types of documents:

Sending letters and other documents to USA is very simple. Depending on whether the parcel needs to be delivered urgently. A variety of services are provided here at Smile Cargo. Each service will have different prices and different delivery times. We have variety of letters sizes so it will fit perfectly according to the size of the letter. Send postage to USA with quick and easy service. Documents and letters are sent using air cargo and this is the most recommended method used by consumers. Send postage to USA today and take advantage of reliable courier services for our customers in USA.

Parcels in boxes

Send shipping to USA from UK can be sent through boxes. It is very simple process. Cover your box in some sort of wrapping such as: bubble wrap or anything protective. Send postage to USA from UK the easiest way and most cost effective method. With door to door service, we will collect your parcel and send postage in USA. It is possible to send shipping to USA through boxes, air cargo and airport to airport is also the most recommended method used by consumers. To look at a summary of all the services Smile Cargo provides and to what countries. Please visit the home page for more information.

Send items in pallets

For business use, send pallets to USA. Likewise this process is still very simple and easily designed. Door to door service of Smile Cargo is very fast and efficient. So receive the goods sent in no time. Sending pallets to USA also saves costs in the long term because more heavier items are provided to us and we can give more discounts for it. In addition receive more quantity of goods in the USA, by sending heavy loads. For business use, airport to airport is the most recommended method used and the most cost effective. We use reliable courier service for US customers for postage to USA.

Parcel to USA

What items I can't parcel to USA?

Information regarding customs and declaration in the USA

Please note: irrespective of the country of origin, it is essential to state the value of the parcel correctly and the description of the items. Stating the wrong value or description may lead to serious consequences and potential penalties. The US customs are known for being strict. Although most postage to USA are delivered successfully.

Before sending a risky parcel or something unsure of – have a look at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website. This will allow to see the restriction put on by the border agency in USA.

Do I have to pay duty on parcel shipped from UK to USA?

Various items can be subjected to tariffs, duties and taxes which would not be included in the price. However this will completely be dependent on the value of goods. It is therefore essential to state the correct value and description of the parcel sent.

In addition please be careful and write the correct address because every state has different clauses.

Nevertheless a limit of $800 has been set free of customs, tariffs and taxes and will not need any declaration.

What can’t I ship from UK to USA?

Although most postage to USA will be accepted and are custom cleared. There are restriction set for some items.

In many cases, sending postage to USA is very easy. But it can get somewhat tricky when the item has restriction, limitation or tariffs on it. In the case of batteries or any other flammable items. Although this could be subject to prohibition it will completely depend on the state of the good. Have a look at Universal Postal Union – full prohibitions and restrictions list – PDF for more information.

Prohibited Items in USA

Any flammable items will be immediately removed by the US custom agency. This is because the item is extremely flammable so it can cause fire very easily.

This includes: radioactive material; inorganic chemicals; rare earth metals; organic or inorganic compounds. Also any flammable oils, fuels and any similar products.

For more information please visit the Universal Postal Union – full prohibitions and restrictions list – PDF. It has a full guide of all items that are barred in the US or any other country in the world.

Any alcohol, e-cigarettes, medical drugs, tobacco or any other type of drugs are banned to be sent through. A hefty penalty would be charged if anything of this nature was to be found by the US Customs.

Regarding tobacco and cigarettes this is what Universal Postal Union – full prohibitions and restrictions list – PDF has stated:

Regardless of quantity, cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco are prohibited in any type of international mail into the United States. The U.S. Postal Service may not accept for delivery or transmit any package that it knows or has reasonable cause to believe contains non-mailable cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.

Non-mailable cigarettes and smokeless tobacco sent in international mail are subject to seizure and forfeiture. Any non-mailable cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products may be subject to seizure or forfeiture, and may be destroyed or retained by the Federal Government for the detection or prosecution of crimes or related investigations and then destroyed.

All live animals are not permissible to export to the US. The only exception includes honeybees, some insects and silkworms.

While for dead animal the rule is the animal should be placed in a preservative or should be completely dried. The animals allowed to be exported are some insects and reptiles.


  • All meat must be that are dried and cured.
  • Meats that are arriving from countries where foot and mouth diseases exists.
  • All fresh, chilled or frozen pork from countries with hog cholera, swine vesicular disease or African swine fever.
  • All fresh, chilled or frozen poultry and products (including eggs) are prohibited from countries possess exotic viscerotropic velogenic (exotic) Newcastle disease.

The Universal Postal Union – full prohibitions and restrictions list – PDF states the following rule on meat and birds:

(a) All meat (beef, pork, mutton or poultry) or meat products can enter if fully cooked in a hermetically-sealed container so as
to be shelf stable without refrigeration.
(b) All cured and fully dried meat or product derived from ruminants or swine, originating in any country where rinderpest or
foot-and-mouth disease exists must be accompanied by an official processing certificate of the country of origin, indicating
specific United States requirements.
(c) Cured and dried pork from countries declared by the United States as infected with hog cholera, swine vesicular disease
and African swine fever is prohibited or permitted to go to a United States Department of Agriculture approved
establishment for further processing before release.
Permits. The following products can only move in the mails under a permit. To obtain additional information, write to Permit
Office, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – Veterinary Service, Federal Building,
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782.

While for all birds are prohibited except in the following scenario:

– importation of clean feathers (without skins);
– importation for scientific or educational purposes;
– fully manufactured artificial flies used for fishing;
– the feathers and skins of certain species of birds imported under permit issued by the United States Secretary of the
Interior for use in the manufacture of artificial flies for fishing or for millinery purposes, and must go to an establishment
approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for further processing. This applies to feathers-on-skin from any species of
birds from a country known to be infected with exotic Newcastle disease.

Postage to USA

The correct format of writing a US address

The address format is different in the USA compared to UK. Also, in the US you can miss the second half of the ZIP code (postcode).  It is preferable to state the full postcode though. Leave the country at the very end and it can be abbreviated. All capital is preferred and leave the country until the end. 






Also please mention the contact number of the receiver when sending postage to USA. In case the receiver isn’t home or any update given regarding delivery.

FAQs Regarding Postage To USA From UK

How much is postage to USA?

Postage to USA costs £4.99 per kilo. Postage in USA will be received in 1-3 working days. Free tracking is provided with consistent updates.

What restrictions are there for pallets to USA?

There are some restriction on items mentioned above. Items such as live animals cannot be sent via Smile Cargo. However we can send automobiles, commercial goods, personal items, car parts and many other items.

Book online and mention in the comments what you are sending. You will be completely liable of what you are sending. After your booking, we will confirm with a telephone consultation and email. If we aren’t able to send it we will inform you and give your money back for any postage to USA.