Postage To Austria From UK- Starting From £5.99 - Book Online For 20% Off

Send A Parcel To Austria From UK

Send Postage To Austria From UK

Overview on Austria

Austria possess a population of nearly 9 million. Neighbouring Germany, Italy Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland and Czech Republic . The Austrians are known for there picturesque mountains and stunning landscapes. Tourism accumulates to 9% of their GDP. Austria is consistently ranked in the top 20 richest countries in terms of GDP per capita. Also with many Austrians living in the UK and many expats living in Austria. Send postage to Austria from UK starting from £5.99 and then £1.99 per kilo.

Send Parcel To Austria

Smile Cargo promises to be the most cost effective and the quickest parcel delivery company to Austria. Send postage to Austria for only £1.99 per kilo. For the most cost effective method, book online with for 20% off all deliveries to Austria. We cover every city in Austria including: Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz and many others. Whether you need to send urgent postage to Austria and need it the next day or a gift to a relative. You can book with Smile Cargo for low cost international parcel deliveries. Furthermore, send a pallet from UK to Austria with Smile Cargo at cost effective prices and using the most efficient and safest method.

How Much Is Postage To Austria?

Send A Pallet To Austria From UK

Book a traceable pallet delivery company from Austria. Benefit sending bulk items to Austria. Send parcel in Austria over 100kg pallets. Book cheap pallets to Austria from UK with Smile Cargo to benefit from traceable and consistent updates for all postage to Austria. Book from home or office and receive fast pallet delivery to Austria from UK. We also send pallets and international deliveries to other countries: Germany, Netherlands and many others. All courier services to Austria are provided with full tracking.

What we require from you is just the address in UK and in Austria, the value of the goods, the number of pallets and your contact details for the sender and receiver. By using these easy steps, we can ensure quick pallet delivery to Austria. There is no restriction in weight or in size. Hence book now for pallets to Austria from UK. Smile Cargo promises to ensure safe, quick and cheap pallet delivery to Austria. For the cheapest parcel delivery to Austria contact us or book online.

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Postage To Austria After Brexit

After 31st December 2020, the UK is no longer part of the EU. Hence there will some changes in how we trade with the EU countries such as the Austria. Nevertheless Brexit will only have a slight changes for postage to Austria from UK.

Before Brexit goods to Austria wasn’t accounted as exports as UK was part of the EU.

But after Brexit, postage to Austria after Brexit must be clearly declared in the comment section, the goods supplied and the value of the items.

Customs will be charged for shipping to any country in the EU regardless of the deal.

In return we will provide you a receipt and a custom declaration post.

Send Parcel To Austria From UK

Changes After Brexit For Parcel to Austria From UK

  • All parcel from the UK and EU will be classed as imports and exports. Since the UK is not part of the EU anymore, As a result they will be subject to import tax.
  • Goods less than £15 are not exempt from import duty in the UK.
  • Zero rated VAT will be applied to any exports outside UK.
  • A commercial invoice and airway bill need to present stating the goods.

FAQ For Postage To Austria From UK

How much is postage to Austria for a letter?

Smile Cargo basic rates starts from £5.99. Anything above that costs an additional £1.99 per kilo. We aim to get letter to Austria or parcel to Austria delivered in 2-5 working days.

For all postage to Austria free tracking is available and you can contact us via email or telephone for updates.

What impact will Brexit have on delivery service to Austria?

As of 1st of January 2021, the UK is no longer part of EU anymore.

Hence, we no longer enjoy the freedom of goods whether it is import or exports. Although there ain’t any additional charges that will be needed to be paid. But customers must ensure that all there content and the value of content has been stated clearly. As this is a criteria of Brexit.

Before Brexit goods to the Austria wasn’t accounted as exports as UK was part of the EU.

But after Brexit, it must be clearly declared in the comment section the goods supplied and the value of the items.

In return we will provide you a receipt and a custom declaration post.

What sizes of pallet can be sent to Austria? Any restrictions?

For all pallets to Austria we can send in different shapes and sizes.

The smallest pallet to Austria from UK we take is 100cm x 100cm x 80cm. While the largest is a container to Austria from UK.

Although there aren’t any restrictions with pallet delivery to Austria. Once you book postage to Austria or pallet to Austria online. We will give you a confirmation email and a call to ask more about details regarding the item. From their we provide you further advice and solutions on how to get your parcel/ pallet delivered swiftly and efficiently.