Air Cargo To Pakistan - For Only £7.99 Per KG - Parcel Delivery Service To Pakistan

Send parcel to Pakistan & Azad Kashmir for as little as £7.99 per kilo. Receive the parcel in Pakistan within 5-7 working days. Minimum total weight required is 10kg to send cargo to Pakistan & Azad Kashmir by air. Free tracking is also provided for air freight to Pakistan with door to door service provided. We also bring air cargo from Pakistan to UK with door to door service. Different rates for commercial goods, washing machine, electronics shipping and businesses duty may apply for commercial shipping. Custom cleared and also no hidden charges. We cargo in Pakistan via air cargo to Pakistan, via sea cargo to Pakistan and airport to airport to Pakistan. Cargo in Pakistan has never been this easier.

Cheap Air Cargo To Pakistan - Get Your Parcel In 7-10 Working Days

Sending air cargo to Pakistan from UK has never been this easy. Smile Cargo provides cargo service to Pakistan at the cheapest prices. Smile Cargo promises to have no comprise on fast cargo service with our prices for cargo service in Pakistan. Visit our home page for information what Smile Cargo offers for air cargo in Pakistan. Send air cargo to Pakistan for £7.99 per kilo and the delivery times for Pakistan cargo is 7-10 working days. Cargo service for Pakistan is door to door cargo service. Hence no need to collect and no hidden fees will ever be charged. Also there are three other services available to be used: airport to airport, sea cargo to Pakistan and air cargo to Pakistan. Smile Cargo also sends commercial goods and other valuable items to Pakistan for cheapest air cargo to Pakistan prices. Although duty may apply on restricted items for air cargo in Pakistan.

Send a parcel to Pakistan and with door to door cargo service get it delivered to the door in Pakistan. Smile Cargo is proud to offer customers tracking and being the only few companies who provide tracking for shipping to Pakistan from UK. So you can feel secure about your sending parcel to Pakistan. Book now to take advantage of our online booking facility and cheapest online prices for parcel to Pakistan. Documents can also be sent in 2-3 working days for fast pak cargo.

Overview on Pakistan

Pakistan has fantastic opportunities for businesses and individuals. Pakistan is considered to be in prime position being neighbours with China, India, Iran, Afghanistan and also maritime border with Oman. It is currently the 5th largest population in the world by country with over 212 million people. The tremendous fact about Pakistan’s population is that it is a very young population. Pakistan has been listed in the top 10 for the most improved business climate by the World Bank. Rising 28 places in the list because of improved business regulations. Therefore improving in the list of ease of Doing Business in 2019. In addition the CPEC project has also improved a lot of infrastructure in Pakistan. Hence heavy investment have been allocated in all parts of the country. As a result seeing a improvement in infrastructure.

Therefore it is ideal time to invest in Pakistan and send air cargo to Pakistan and sea cargo to Pakistan. Receive your parcel to Pakistan in 5-7 working days. Smile Cargo works with local courier service in Pakistan to ensure your parcel is safely delivered and trackable.

Air Cargo To Pakistan

Air Cargo To Pakistan

With A Smile
£7.99/per kilo
  • Receive Within 7-10 Working Days
  • Tracking Available
  • Customs Cleared
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Cheap Prices For Commercial Goods

Questions Regarding Parcel To Pakistan?

Would customs be included: All personal parcel to Pakistan that we distribute or to any other countries will not be subjected to customs unless the parcel is not declared or is for business goods. Smile Cargo has a team of agents in Pakistan that will ensure your parcel is delivered safely. We use our own courier service to ensure top service. In addition regular updates on the parcel. Smile Cargo will consistently inform you via email about parcel to Pakistan where the parcel is and any updates related to this. Smile Cargo will never charge any extra costs for air UK to Pakistan cargo and always be the cheapest online.

What separates Smile Cargo with others in terms of delivery: Smile Cargo promises to be the most cost effective and safest for all parcel to Pakistan. Because of Covid 19, extra caution has to be taken to ensure safety and maintain speed. Moreover, door to door cargo service will be provided. Send parcel to Pakistan by sea and via air cargo to Pakistan for the cheapest cargo shipping prices for pak cargo. Smile Cargo not only sends parcel to Pakistan but worldwide. We will also can collect from anywhere in the UK and receive parcel anywhere in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir.

What proof do I need to send air cargo to Pakistan: For all items to Pakistan some sort of ID for the receiver is usually helpful. We will need the address for your UK and Pakistan address. The name and contact number will also be necessary. The email and phone number of the receiver is necessary. So a agent will call a day before to inform you that you will be receiving the parcel at a set time. Nevertheless the parcel is traceable in our website. You will provided a code to check updates for your parcel to Pakistan. Also ensure that someone is at home to collect the parcel.

Why use Smile Cargo for air cargo to Pakistan?


Smile Cargo promises to be the cheapest parcel delivery service to Pakistan. Smile Cargo also offers to be the quickest method to send air cargo to Pakistan. What separates us from the rest is the ability to send parcels anywhere in the world. Smile Cargo has dedicated agents across Pakistan. Who will ensure all our cargo in Pakistan including: parcels, electronics, washing machine or any other goods are delivered safely and on time. Air cargo is also available for all countries. Pak cargo takes between 5-7 working days. In addition there are no extra charges involved for parcel to Pakistan. Furthermore no customs will ever be needed to paid for Pakistan cargo.

The following reasons below will describe why choosing us is a better options than anyone else for air cargo to Pakistan:

  • Secure shipping service to Pakistan with tracking facility.
  • Send parcel to Pakistan at very low costs.
  • Cheapest shipping rates on parcel to Pakistan from UK and airport to airport cargo to Pakistan. We also bring cargo from Pakistan.
  • Flights every single week for pak cargo.
  • 24/7 Customer service team helping you with all your queries.
  • Door to door cargo delivery service for pak cargo.
  • A specialist team working to deliver your cargo on time with agents in every state informing us consistently with the progress.
  • Free phone consultation for cargo in Pakistan.
  • Delivered to all states including Azad Kashmir
  • Insurance protected up to £20 for all parcel to Pakistan.
  • We pay all duty and custom charges for cargo in Pakistan. It is included in our price so no hidden charges

Do you send air cargo from Pakistan to UK?

air cargo from pakistan to uk

We also send air cargo from Pakistan to UK and get it delivered within 5 -7 working days in Pakistan.

The advantages of sending air cargo UK to Pakistan from UK via Smile Cargo are:

  • All customs and external charges are included.
  • Receive parcel in UK within 5-7 working days.
  • Free insurance £20.00.
  • Free tracking provided with air cargo from Pakistan to UK.

What is the process of sending air cargo from UK to Pakistan?

The process of air cargo UK to Pakistan is very simple. The parcel to Pakistan sent can be dropped off at our agent’s office across the UK for cheapest way to send parcel to Pakistan from UK. Send your cargo for Pakistan by booking online with free collection provided for over 20kg via air cargo from UK to Pakistan from UK. As a result a helpful member of staff will guide you when the next flight is and the estimated time it will take for fast cargo to Pakistan.

After your parcel is collected for cargo in Pakistan, it will be dropped off to the airport and customs check gets completed within few days, in the airport. Additionally, customs pay extra focus on checking for any heavy duty items and anything that is banned into the country. This process isn’t time consuming and any extra costs is not consumed by our fantastic customers. Unless the product is banned or not allowed.

Smile Cargo guarantees to provide your parcel safely all over Pakistan and Azad Kashmir quicker, cheaper and secure. For fast air cargo to Pakistan through us is much faster than other cargo company with cheap cargo shipping to Pakistan. The delivery times is 5-7 working days in normal circumstances. Send gifts, parcels, electronics, washing machine or anything other items to Pakistan. We promise to be the cheapest online and the cheapest cargo service providers in the UK.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Container to Pakistan?

The benefit of using Smile Cargo for sea freight or air freight to Pakistan is there is no limit in quantity. There is no upper limit. Therefore whether moving a house or shipping a container to Pakistan there is no restrictions in sending bulk containers to Pakistan from UK. Send LCL (Less Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load) containers to Pakistan from UK via air freight. Receive the goods in your local international airport or delivered through the door. Also can receive goods by air and by sea door to port if desirable.

Right now is a perfect opportunity to invest in Pakistan and exports goods to Pakistan post COVID 19. Use Smile Cargo to send bulk quantity shipments to Pakistan from UK. Its the ideal method of sending goods to Pakistan in bulk with clearance can also provided in the airport for most services if needed. We send over 15,000kg worth of goods throughout the year and ensure it is hassle free.

Smile Cargo has agents in Pakistan who can ensure safe and traceable delivery. Consistent updates are provided on the track pages.

Shipping Container


How much does it cost to send parcel to Pakistan?

We have a promotion offer of sending parcel to Pakistan for £4.99 per kg by air and by sea we would send goods for £1.25 per kg. The delivery times for air cargo is 5-7 working days for air cargo to Pakistan and Airport to Airport goes on a weekly bases. Next day service also available. Different rates apply for businesses.

Cargo to Pakistan by air and by sea is 10kg free for business customers with over 125kg. Nevertheless, Smile Cargo promises to be the cheapest shipping for Pakistan cargo.

How long does it take to receive parcels in Pakistan?

It takes between 5-7 working days from air cargo. By sea cargo it takes between 6-8 weeks. Cargo to Pakistan is very swift, and reliable. It can take from 5-7 working days in normal circumstances. In addition Smile Cargo has agents across every major city including AJK. This increases the speed of delivery and ensure parcels to Pakistan delivered safely. But this completely depends on normal circumstances. In any other situation it can slightly longer.

What items am I not allowed to send to Pakistan?

Any items that will be considered as prohibited should obviously not be sent. For example alcohol is banned for non muslim and therefore should not be sent through cargo. Also any items which may be face duty should be stated to us before sending the parcel to Pakistan. This is because it is hard to deal with customs and additional charges may apply if found the item was undeclared. Smile Cargo will not take any responsibility in clearing that item. Contact our team before sending any item you are unsure of. Also visit Pakistan Post for more information regarding prohibited items. There is also a global list called: Universal Postal Union – full prohibitions and restrictions list. This list includes every item prohibited in Pakistan and if any doubt please call us.