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4+ Advantages of sending cargo to Pakistan

Before you are planning to start your export business to Pakistan it is highly advisable to research and collect as much information about the business market in Pakistan as you possibly can, before deciding to send cargo to Pakistan from the UK.

Recently Pakistan has been included in the top 10 for most improved business climate in 2019 by the World Bank. Rising 28 places in the list because of improved business regulations in Pakistan. Therefore improving in the list of ease of Doing Business in 2019.

In addition the CPEC project has also improved a lot of infrastructure in Pakistan and heavy investment has been allocated in all parts of the country.

Trading in Pakistan is a new trend in the business market because Pakistan is rapidly growing and emerging economically and statically. The economic conditions of the state are developing day by day and it is considered as the second largest economy in South Asia.

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The UK based expertise, brand, and products are now showing huge interest in the opportunities to trade in Pakistan. In this way, the UK can increase its exports of goods and other services in this growing business market.

Studies published by the government have shown that in 2017, the UK-Pakistan trade was estimated to be £2.9 billion. The UK is one of the largest sources of direct foreign investment and trading in Pakistan. Pakistan has imported more than £1.1 billion goods and services from the UK.

The Economic Growth Potential in Pakistan

According to a report from the World Bank, Pakistan’s economy is growing day by day. The World Bank data of 2017 stated that Pakistan’s GDP is increased to 5.3%. The industrial sector of Pakistan is also recovering from the last few years.

The improvement of the performance of services and the agricultural sector also brings a huge development in Pakistan’s economy. In 2018, Pakistan also started investing in its infrastructure and structural reforms. According to the International Monetary Fund, in 2018, the GDP growth is estimated to be 5.6%. [2]

The UK has a great opportunity to invest in Pakistani firms because their market is already expanding and is quite competitive. The following is a list of some emerging sectors in Pakistan where the UK can invest:

  • Defense sectors
  • Healthcare sectors
  • Education sectors
  • Infrastructure sectors
  • Consumer goods and
  • Energy

It is not easy to do business in Pakistan. It can be a challenging task but a strategic approach towards the export business owners of Pakistan can help you a lot.

The services we provide

Air Cargo: Sending air cargo to Pakistan has never been this easy. Get the best rates at a premium services. Smile Cargo promises to have no comprises on service with our prices. Visit our home page for information what Smile Cargo offers. Send air cargo for £4.99 per kilo and receive the parcel within a week.

Sea Cargo: This service is very cost effective for our customers. Send sea cargo to Pakistan from the UK and receive the parcel in 30-45 working days. Since the Covid 19 pandemic has happened delivery has been more thoroughly processed so it is safe for the receiver of your cargo parcel.

A minimum of 20kg is compulsory for sending sea cargo to Pakistan and there is no upper weight limit through sea cargo.

Airport to airport: Airport to airport service is designed ideally for customers with large quantity of parcel and someone who is looking to move to the country. Drop off to the nearest airport to you and collect the parcel also from nearest airport. This allows the method to become cost effective as no delivery is required door to door. Ideal for customers who are looking to move to Pakistan. Since the parcel will arrive in 2-3 weeks and collect it from the nearest airport.

You can now book online very easily through our booking system. Not only do we take payment online through secure payments method like Paypal. But we also collect from your own home.

How to approach strategically

The first step for the investors is to make a list of the objectives of their company. They should be aware of what they want to achieve in their export business with Pakistan. The following list will help you to decide if you can run an export business in Pakistan successfully:

  • You have a purpose to start a business in Pakistan.
  • There is a market for your product in Pakistan.
  • You are confident about your company that it can stand with the competitors.
  • You have all the resources to start a business in Pakistan.
  • Enough money for traveling, product-delivery, and after-sales services.
  • Premise or an online store to start your business in Pakistan.
  • You have contacts of locals, screen potential partners, agents, and distributors.

Benefits of sending cargo to Pakistan for individuals using Smile Cargo

Before sending cargo to Pakistan with any other company, here are some of the benefits of sending through Smile Cargo:

Receive the parcel very quickly: It takes 5-7 working days to receive your parcel in Pakistan through air cargo; sea cargo to Pakistan takes 6-8 weeks; airport to airport takes 2-3 weeks. This is the quickest delivery service provider in the market at the best prices. Smile Cargo agents are placed all across Pakistan including AJK. Agents are placed in cities such as: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Mirpur, Quetta and many more places across Pakistan. Therefore delivering the parcel very quickly and very efficiently to the loved ones back home is not an issue anymore.

Best rates for cargo to Pakistan: Send cargo to Pakistan via air and sea cargo. Smile Cargo offers the best rates to send cargo to Pakistan. Price starting from £1.25 per kg for sea cargo at a minimum of 20kg. For air cargo it is £4.49 per kg at a minimum of 10kg. However this prices does not include heavy duty goods and there is a separate price list for that. Send your parcels, gifts, and electronics with us for the cheapest rates in the market.

Currently Smile Cargo has an offer of get 1kg off for every 10kg. Don’t miss out on this offer and save on shipping cost by sending cargo to Pakistan with us.

Free packaging: For a limited period of time for first time customers we are providing free packaging. This will save a fortune on spending money on suitcases or anything else. In addition the packaging provided is compliant and really strong materials are used so the parcel is secured.

Benefits for businesses sending cargo to Pakistan

If you are planning to start to send cargo to Pakistan for business use, you are going to have the following benefits:

  • Similar legal practices and common business languages: English is the second language in Pakistan and it is widely spoken. Therefore for anyone starting a business in Pakistan, communication will not be an issue in the urban areas and major cities.

Prior to the independence Pakistan was under the British Empire. Therefore there has been a similar legal structure been placed.

  • A young population: Pakistan is blessed with growing middle class and there are many talented and educated young people as the majority of the population is below 30. Hence the workforce in Pakistan is very young and many businesses are currently utilizing this fact.

  • The geographical location: Pakistan is an ideal location to start exporting business. This is because it is bordering China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. It is in South Asia and it has great relationships with China. The CPEC project is bringing heavy investment in Pakistan. The funds provided by China have heavily been used for an improvement in infrastructure in Pakistan. Also improving the links between both countries is another advantage this CPEC project will bring to other businesses.

  • Cheap costs of production and labour: Minimum wages in Pakistan is very low for unskilled workers. The wages generally are very low in Pakistan compared to established countries. Therefore Pakistan is very lucrative in terms of saving costs in labour. Like mentioned previously Pakistan has a young population with a majority of the population being under 30. So send cargo to Pakistan for your business and save on staff wages.

The current working climate in Pakistan

Also the minimum wages are set by different states in Pakistan. In an article published by the Daily Star, it is established that the minimum wage for 2019-20 has slightly increased in some states. But the valuation has gone down at the same time.

In Sindh the minimum wage is Rs. 17,000 a month from Rs. 16,200 previously. In Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa it has increased from Rs. 15,000 to Rs, 17,500. Lastly the minimum wage in Punjab is Rs. 16,500.

In terms of pound that is under £100 in every state. Therefore this proves Pakistan is very cheap in terms of getting labour.



Also it is would be beneficial to have the maximum knowledge and establish strong contacts in export marketing. You must also have some contacts with the best cargo companies, to ask for help when you want to export goods to Pakistan from the UK and vice versa.

Smile Cargo offer all its businesses exclusive offers and will always guarantee to offer the best rates. How we separate from others is our advice and the best way to send cargo to Pakistan in order to save cost.

Furthermore, we have a minimum of 1 flight every week to Pakistan. So send unlimited cargo to Pakistan and get it delivered back home to Pakistan with a reliable courier service.

If you want the best experience of cargo services, contact us to discuss any queries you have in mind. Visit our home page for more information and regular updates.

Instead comment below to tell us how to improve the experience? Can it be improved and if so how can it be?

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