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Send A Parcel To UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Nigeria And Many More Places. Receive Your Parcel The Next Day With Tracking!

Why Use Smile Cargo To Send A Parcel From UK?

Get special rates starting from 99p. Send a parcel, business goods and gifts to loved ones with tracked booking and further discounts available for parcel delivery booked online. Special deal for sending a parcel to Pakistan, India, USA, Nigeria, Europe, Canada and many other destinations. Courier and logistics services are also available domestically. Call now for more information excellent courier service and efficient parcel delivery UK and sending parcel abroad.

Why Choose Smile Cargo To Send A Parcel?

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Smile Cargo promises to be the cheapest and the quickest way to send a parcel worldwide. What separates us from the rest is the ability to send a parcels anywhere in the world. Smile Cargo has dedicated agents across the world. What we specialise in is we got dedicated agents in UK, Pakistan, India, USA, Nigeria, Europe and many more countries. Who will ensure all our cargo, parcels, electronics or any other goods are delivered safely and on time. Air cargo is also available for all countries. Sending parcel next day is also available for all countries. So receive the parcel in between 1-7 working days.

The following reasons below will describe why choosing us is a better options than anyone else for sending a parcels to many countries:

  • Secure shipping service with tracking facility.
  • Send a parcel anywhere in the world at low costs.
  • Cheapest air cargo, sea cargo and airport to airport cargo.
  • Flights every single week.
  • 24/7 Customer service team helping you with all your queries.
  • Send a parcel with door to door delivery.
  • A specialist team working to deliver your cargo on time.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Delivered to all states including the whole of Kashmir & Jammu.
  • Send a parcel with £20.00 free insurance protected.
  • We pay all duty and custom charges. It is included in our price so no hidden charges.

Get the best prices for deliveries around the world

Send cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Europe, Canada & many more countries with Smile Cargo.

Courier and logistics services also available for local & international parcel delivery services.

Special offer for business customers.

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How We Can Help You?


The quickest way to send cheap parcel delivery to your loved ones and only taking between 2-7 working days to be delivered. This is the most common way of sending cheap cargo to Pakistan & India. We also offer the best rates to send cargo to Pakistan & India. Send a parcel to UK, Europe, USA, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and many more countries. All air cargo parcels are sent on a weekly basis, so delivering goods quicker. Next day deliveries also available with tracking available and customs clearance. Therefore send a parcel at a affordable price. Send air freight worldwide at the cheapest rate. Contact us and fill out the form for more information. Only flammable items are prohibited and restricted.

Airport To Airport

The best way for heavy quantity items to be sent for your business. A swift delivery method with all custom duty and handling charges cleared for some locations. Also there is no duty for personal goods. All types of goods, cargo, electronics, parcels and also many more other types of goods to Pakistan, India and other destinations worldwide at affordable rates. Send freight through airport to airport shipping all over the world and the parcels or items can be sent to any airport in the world. Furthermore all flights depart regularly. Contact us and fill out the form for more information. Send a parcel and receive parcel in 1-3 working days from your local international airport. No restrictions and prohibitions just need to be declared in advance.

Sea Cargo

Send sea cargo to Pakistan from UK at the cheapest rates available in the market. Cheap parcel delivery via sea cargo is sent every week so your cargo parcel to worldwide and they get delivered quickly. All shape and sizes of cargo can be sent through via sea cargo. Ships depart on a weekly basis and it only goes to Ghana, Nigeria & Pakistan by sea cargo. While to other countries sea freight goes regularly as well. Contact us and fill out the form for more information. Smile Cargo will provide tracking facility for all customers. Send a parcel via sea to Pakistan, Nigeria & Ghana receive it in two months. Every country will have different restrictions and prohibitions in other countries.

Domestic Deliveries

Send a parcel to UK for as little as £1.49. Ideally for small businesses, eBay and amazon sellers. Parcels can be received to the buyer ranging from 1 to 7 working days. This depends on the delivery time the seller prefers. For businesses we have several packages so that they can receive more benefits the more parcels they send. As a result send a parcel to save costs and also enjoy home collections if needed. Smile Cargo covers all of the UK including Guernsey and Channel Islands. Therefore instead of waiting in huge line in the post office. Send a parcels with Smile Cargo with cheap reliable service. Courier and logistics services also available for local services. Contact us and fill out the form for more information. Courier and logistics services also available for local services

International Delivery

Send a parcel all over the world for the best prices. The destinations include over 200 countries at the best prices. Send a parcel with Smile Cargo also collects parcels from home or businesses premises. Making delivery distribution easier for all. Special rates available for USAPakistan, India, European countries and many more destinations. Receive the parcel between 1 to 7 working days according to your preference. Therefore send a parcel with us in order to receive the best services. Courier and logistics services also available for international services. Contact us and fill out the form for more information. Send a parcel using top courier companies to receive your parcel abroad. 

Where does Smile Cargo send a parcel to?

Send sea cargo to Pakistan from UK by sea starting from as little as £1.50. Exclusive rates to Pakistan and special offers available on every festival. Also enjoy door to door delivery with free collection of your parcel. So no need to go to your local company. Cheap air cargo to Pakistan from just £6.99 per kilo for a 5-7 working day service.

Cargo to India

Send a parcel to India from UK to a loved one or for business use. Competitive prices available all over the country. Receive the parcel in 5-7 working days with our economy service and use our door to door facility so no need to move a muscle! Send air cargo to India from £5.99 per kilo.

Send a parcel to Australia from UK at the lowest prices in the UK. Also with no customs to pay. This makes it easy delivery service which specialises all over Australia. This includes cities such as: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and many more cities all over the country. Moreover get the parcel collected and received in Australia.

Cargo to Nigeria

Send sea cargo to Nigeria for as little as £2.99 by sea and receive within 6-8 working weeks. While air cargo to Nigeria costs £6.99 per kilo and £5.99 inside Lagos. It takes 5-7 working days with flights going every Friday. Smile Cargo takes a minimum of 10kg and no upper limit.

Cargo to Ghana

Send cargo to Ghana from UK for as little as £2.99 by sea and receive the parcel with 6-8 working weeks . While air cargo to Ghana costs £6.99 per kilo and it takes 5-7 working days with flights going every Friday. Smile Cargo takes a minimum of 10kg and there is no upper limit.

Parcels to Europe

Connect the UK with EU at cheap prices. Send a parcels to EU can be very beneficial for businesses as many highly skilled suppliers are available in the EU. Get special offer for all 27 countries in the EU. Also receive the goods in between 1-5 working days. Prices starting from £5.00.

Parcel to USA

Send a parcel to USA and receive it in 1-3 working days in the USA. Use our courier service to USA. Export to the largest economy in the world with your parcel available the next day at affordable prices. In addition expand your businesses service and sell items to USA from economy delivery to 7 working days to next day delivery.

Parcel to UK

Courier service UK: including Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey. Postage costs starting from £1.49 including VAT. Receive your parcel the same day, next day or use our economy service. Send a parcel for door to door delivery ideal for offices with many letters to send and for eBay and Amazon users. For more information visit our domestic parcels page.

Parcel to Other Countries

Smile Cargo specialises send cargo all over the world at the competitive prices. In addition enjoy connecting other countries and expand your business portfolio to other countries. Currently got the best rates available for Middle East, Africa, South America and Far East Asia. Send a parcel abroad by booking online. Contact us for more information and get the best prices by air freight or by sea freight.


How long would it take for my parcel to be delivered?

There are three main types of services: air cargo, sea cargo, domestic deliveries and airport to airport. Each services has different types of delivery time with sea cargo being the slowest.

But because of Covid 19, the only place sea cargo service is available for only Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana for the time being.

While air cargo being the quickest with next day delivery option available. Likewise domestically it can range from economy service to next day delivery depending on preference.

What items can I send but might be risky?

You can send chocolate and other savories items through our air cargo. However if the item get melted or the chocolate get slightly damaged, it is not will our responsibility so it will be on your own merit. However on air cargo, chocolate and other savouries items don’t get damaged.

Makeup can be sent but for a certain limit. If we observe that the make sent is for commercial/business use then our price will vary and this would be charged as commercial item. This is done to avoid customs holding your parcel because it was not declared.

While perfume is completely not allowed because it is flammable. Any flammable item is not allowed because it can cause fire in the plane or ship. This is something our company takes very seriously. Additionally customs have the right to stop any flammable items going through. Therefore not worth risking your item being thrown.

This guide by Health and Safety Executive explains in detail which flammable items are classified as dangerous. In additions explains the implications of them.

What freight service do you provide to customers?

There are three methods of courier we use in Smile Cargo. These are

  1. Air cargo: for swift deliveries worldwide.
  2. Sea Cargo: For bulky and cheapest method of delivering goods,
  3. Airport to airport: For bulky items that need to be delivered quickly. Customs clearance not provided.