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What Is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is managing a collection of goods from a manufacturer or a supplier and getting it delivered to the individual or business. The freight forwarding organise the logistics in order to get the goods delivered to the business. This can be done by air freight, road freight and sea freight.

What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a agent/business whose job is to organise the logistics and customs clearance for the organisation. This mean the freight forwarders main role is to get the shipment delivered from the sender to the receiver or vice versa. Moreover all the legal documentations surrounding import/exports is usually dealt by the freight forwarder. However the organisation can also get clearance manually.
Freight Forwarder

Benefits Of Using A Freight Forwarder For Import/Export


There are many benefits of using a freight forwarder. The following advantageous will explain why a business will decide to use a freight forwarder:

  • Save time and money: Rather than focusing on the logistics side of the business. A external logistics company like Smile Cargo can help getting goods delivered with customs clearance with cost effective methods. Hence instead it saves time and money for the business. Especially if you are importing or exporting high value goods or goods in bulk quantity.
  • Freight forwarder can help with other services: A good freight forwarder can not only get your goods delivered but can help you with other services as well. This includes: shipment insurance, customs clearance, import and export documentations in other countries, storage, packaging and haulage to your customers.
  • The expertise and knowledge: A freight forwarder will bring his/her expertise and this can be beneficial and cost for importing or exporting goods. Smile Cargo provides knowledge with experience that will help with freight forwarding in UK or outside. We will also provide you with competitive pricing for cargo insurance, logistics or haulage to other businesses, customs clearance and help with packaging. Whether you are booking a container and sending via air freight, road freight and sea freight.

FAQ's Regarding Freight Forwarding

What documents are provided by the freight forwarder?

For each type of service there will be different documents provided by your logistics company. The following documents can be provided:

  • air waybill – for air freight
  • bill of lading – for sea freight
  • CMR consignment note – for road freight

It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder to provide you the documentations.

What are the advantageous of using a freight forwarder?

According to Exporting Is Great the advantageous of using freight forwarding companies are:

  • Get your goods customs cleared with import duty settlement and shipping documents settled
  • Give advise on a country’s rules and regulations
  • Book the best and cost effective method using several different transport methods for a shipment
  • Negotiate freight charges on behalf of the business
  • Book cargo insurance
  • Manage any spare cargo space (you will save money if you consolidate your shipments)
  • Help with packaging goods for export (this requires specialist knowledge)
  • Help with import or exports of dangerous goods
What goods are typically not allowed for import/export?

This guide by Health and Safety Executive explains in detail which flammable items are classified as dangerous. In additions explains the implications of them.